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10th Annual Digital Innovation Conference with live keynotes, workshops and exhibition hall

Thursday 25th May 2023
P&J Live, Aberdeen
08:30 - 16:30
Free to attend (T&Cs apply)

The Conference

The Summit 

The North of Scotland is in the midst of a full-scale transformation. Building on a well-established reputation as a global energy hub, the North is fast becoming a key destination for emerging innovation across an increasing range of sectors.

The DIGIT North Summit is designed to bring technology leaders together and drive practical innovation through shared learning. The event will facilitate cross pollination between key industries, from traditional sectors like Oil & Gas and Agriculture to high-growth fields like: Life Sciences, Biotech, Gaming, Fintech and Space. 

The programme will contextualise the key emerging technologies and industry disruptors, and consider the vital role that technology leaders will play in ensuring organisations can thrive amid a backdrop of market change and economic volatility.



DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of virtual conferences and online events focused on core areas of emerging Technology, Digital and IT. We also run Scotland's leading Technology News Platform with over 50,000 page views per month.

Our events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking.

2022 Agenda

Agenda for 2023 coming soon.

08:00     Registration Opens

08:15     Breakfast Briefing Panel (breakfast, tea & coffee provided for attendees)

The 3 R's: Ransomware, Response & Recovery

In this interactive Breakfast Briefing, Check Point’s Chief Information Security Officer, Deryck Mitchelson, and Head of Engineering, Mark Mitchell, will discuss why Ransomware is still your biggest business continuity risk and new-age techniques for response and recovery.

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland (chair)

Deryck Mitchelson,  Chief Information Security Officer, Check Point

Mark Mitchell, Technical Evangelist for the Office of the CTO, Check Point 

08:50     Panel End


SESSION 1.  Re-watch on YouTube > 

The opening session will consider the implications of digital transformation and organisational change in practice; examining how businesses are modernising legacy infrastructure, shifting to data-driven decision making, and adapting to the future of work. We will also explore the cultural requisites of digitalisation, from skills and business alignment, to buy-in from the c-suite and engagement with the wider team.


09:15     Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chair

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:25     A 5 Year Transformation Journey

  • What we started with, where we are, and where we are going

  • Organisation and operating model

  • Hiring and outsourcing

  • Culture alignment and executive support for the strategy

  • Moving to Value Stream delivery models

James McLean, CIO, SSEN Transmission

09:40     Digital (R)evolution: Developing an Open Business Platform for Multi-Agency Working

  • Setting the vision

  • Adoption and change management - digital champions programme

  • From vision to reality, platform components and leading-edge use cases

  • Blending evolution and revolution to achieve pace and stability

Steve Roud, Chief Officer: Digital & Technology, Aberdeen City Council
Sandie Scott, People Development Manager, Aberdeen City Council

09:55     Driving Innovation through Infrastructure Reporting

  • An overview of the NSTA and its five-year digital strategy

  • A case study on the five pillars of the strategy and where the NSTA are revolutionising the reporting of infrastructure data which is vital for the energy transition

  • The regulations allowing the NSTA to collect this data, and the challenges in catering for multiple use cases and collection from 40+ organisations

  • The improvements and results of the first reporting period

Tanya Knowles, Head of Digital Services, North Sea Transition Authority

10:10     The Sanctity of Data

  • Be ready to support business growth initiatives 

  • Implement the shortest path possible to final storage from ALL locations, no matter how extreme or remote

  • Adopt a cloud-first data storage strategy

  • Create a golden master of all data from day 1 using immutable objects

  • Protect, detect, recover

Malcolm Brown, Energy Subject Matter Expert, Nasuni

10:25     Combined Q&A

10:55     Close of Session



Session 2 will explore a variety of key topics in a smaller and more interactive breakout setting. The breakouts will be run in longer 30-minute slots across three parallel streams, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two options live. The alternative breakouts will be accessible on-demand post event.

11:30    First Breakout Option (A, B or C)


A. Improving Machine Reliability with Data-Driven Insight Enabled by Automation

  • Data in asset reliability

  • Moving towards data led operations

  • Automating and digitising the routine

  • A whole new reliability world based on curated data

Rotimi Alabi, Founder and CEO at RAB-Microfluidics

Re-watch on YouTube >


B. Healthcare Innovation: How we Enable Analytics & AI to Improve Patient Care & Clinical Outcomes

  • The work of the PICTURES programme to enhance Trusted Research Environments to support AI development on large scale data

  • Why routinely collected text-based health care records and associated imaging data are extremely useful for AI development

  • Why using this data is challenging in practice - issues associated with data protection; software design, compute capacity

  • Overcoming these challenges whilst protecting patient confidentiality

Susan Krueger, Senior Project Manager: Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee

Re-watch on YouTube >


C. Data and Decarbonization - redeveloping Elexon's systems to support electricity Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement in Great Britain

  • How BJSS are helping to transform Elexon’s central systems and infrastructure

  • Discussion on how this facilitates Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement across Great Britain

  • Overview of how BJSS partner with Microsoft on this project.


Ben Cooper, Energy, Commodities & Utilities Lead, BJSS

Chris May, Architecture Capability Lead, BJSS


Re-watch on YouTube >

12:00    Transition

12:10    Second Breakout Option (D, E or F)

D. Problematic workloads – With a focus on Oracle

  • Identifying the best location for your workloads

  • The issues with hybrid platform workloads

  • How legacy database workloads can be made cloud friendly

  • Solutions for Oracle applications


Danny Quinn, Managing Director, DataVita

Richard Woodfield, Director, RDB Concepts

Re-watch on YouTube >


E. Scenarios of Ransomware Recovery - How to Stay Ahead of the Game

  • It’s not a matter of if, but when.

  • Prevention is not enough, data protection needs an upgrade.

  • How organisations can eliminate the consequences of ransomware attacks


Mike Caiger, Senior Systems Engineer, Zerto

Re-watch on YouTube >


F. Secure Cloud Networking, Visibility, and Multi-Cloud Operations

  • More than ever before, enterprise cloud infrastructure teams require advanced networking, security, and multi-cloud operational visibility. In this session, Cloud, Network and Security Architects will discover a superset of new capabilities their teams can leverage immediately.

  • Leveraging our AWS Advanced Networking and Security Competency certification, Aviatrix’s secure cloud networking platform complements AWS native services to deliver these advanced capabilities.

  • We will show how more than 500 enterprises have achieved multi-cloud network visibility and control and explore how an advanced cloud network data plane, built on AWS infrastructure, delivers next generation threat detection and remediation that extends across all your clouds.


John Gonsalves, Principal Field Evangelist, Aviatrix


Re-watch on YouTube >

12:40    Lunch & Networking


SESSION 3.   Re-watch on YouTube > 

The afternoon session will look at driving tangible benefits from applied technology innovation. Through a series of use cases, speakers will explore how digital transformation and space data is helping improve sustainability; how AI and Natural Language Generation is enhancing decision-making, and how Voice technology is aiding communication and increasing productivity. The conference will then conclude with an extended Q&A panel.


13:30     Driving Environmental Improvement with Digital Transformation and Space Data

  • The evolution of sustainability reporting from a "nice to have" to business critical

  • This will grow more important, as it gets more closely linked to investor decisions, bonuses

  • Why the "digital transformation" is essential for the "green revolution" that was touted by business leaders at COP26 last year

  • How we leverage our tech and data internally to deliver on some of these reporting requirements

  • How this feeds into business operations and outcomes

Sarah Middlemiss, COO, Ecometrica


13:45     NLG and the Evolution of Human-Machine Communication

  • How NLG has evolved with the wider adoption of AI

  • How language is a key part of our humanity and a key part of AI

  • How NLG is being used in practice, using language to improve decision making

  • How AI and automation will not replace people, but rather augment them and make our working lives better

Neil Burnett, CTO, Arria

14:00     Why Every Business Should Consider Voice Technology in Their Strategy

  • The key Voice technology trends that are emerging

  • Consumer adoption and the rise of voice assistants and smart speakers as an interface

  • Things to consider when designing for voice

  • How voice can benefit your business

  • Where to go to get started building a voice application

Caroline Laurenson, Managing Director, TL Tech


14:15     Combined Q&A Panel

  • Graeme Gordon, CEO, IFB & Vice Chair ONE D&E

  • Sarah Middlemiss, COO, Ecometrica

  • Caroline Laurenson, Managing Director, TL Tech

  • Neil Burnett, CTO, Arria

  • Fraser Brown, Global Head Of Information Technology, BrewDog


15:05     Closing Remarks

15:10     Close of Session


15:10     Networking Drinks Reception

16:30     Close of Conference


*The conference agenda is provisional and subject to revision

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